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Kristen Kish Is Eliminated from Top Chef

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Boston contestant Kristen Kish, chef de cuisine at Stir, made it to the eleventh episode of Top Chef: Seattle, impressing judges and audiences with her performance on many of the earlier episodes. But she met her match in this week's "Restaurant Wars" challenge, where the men competed against the women to create a restaurant, from concept and menu to design, in 48 hours. Eater National's got the full recap. The men's team won, and as team leader for the women, Kish ended up taking the blame for her team's failure, even though many thought that other contestants, particularly Josie Smith-Malave, were more to blame. While the elimination disappointed (and angered) many fans, Kish handled it well, and it's perhaps not so surprising that this would be the challenge to do her in, as she does not yet have experience running her own restaurant.

All's not lost, though, as Kish has made it through her first round of Last Chance Kitchen, a web series where the eliminated Top Chef contestants compete against each other for one last chance at the Top Chef finale. The last chef standing will return to the main competition in the final episode.

Update: she won!

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