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Area IV Name-Change; TD Garden Towers; More!

It's Friday, so it's time for Curbed Cuts, a collection of neighborhood goings-on from Curbed Boston:


AREA IV - Residents long-chagrined at their neighborhood's name are demanding action by the Cambridge City Council and the council is responding. A proposal has been introduced that would change the name of Area IV to something less police code-y. "The Port" and the "Old Port" appear to be the top contenders (the neighborhood was at one time slated to be the edge of a deep-water port).
WEST END - Wowza! Two towers have been pitched for just outside TD Garden (on the site of the old Boston Garden, in fact, which was demolished in 1998). They would contain not only hundreds of residences and hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space, but a multilevel Target as well as a supermarket.

BEACON HILL - The most adorable house in all of Boston, the Sunflower Castle at 130 Mount Vernon Street, chopped its price by $496,000 down to $3,999,000. It's the biggest price-chop of the young year in the city.
BACK BAY - That gorgeous penthouse at the Clarendon that was asking $35,000 a month in rent as of the new year? Someone rented it. They're paying just $30,000, though. Times is tough.