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Next Hell Night Dates Announced; Asta Opens Tuesday

INMAN SQUARE - Break out the Tums. East Coast Grill has just announced its next round of Hell Nights - March 11, 12, and 13. This time around, there will be a Southern theme. The highly coveted reservations can only be made on Saturday, February 9; walk-ins begin at 9 AM and phone reservations begin at 10 AM. [FB]

BACK BAY - The much-anticipated Asta is finally opening, starting with a soft opening this coming Tuesday. The choice is simple: do you want three courses, five courses, or eight courses? Be sure to check out the Zeus painting on the wall. [UD via GS]

SOUTH END - "Wow! Today is the first day that Boston Chops actually looks like a restaurant!" tweets chef Chris Coombs. "It has been a long time since we tore that ceiling down." The restaurant is aiming for an early February opening. [Twitter]

HUB-WIDE - This weekend's episode of styleBoston will feature Davio's Steve DiFillippo competing against Chef Jean-Louis Gerin from Chopped. The show airs on Saturday at 11:35 PM on WBZ and Sunday at 10:00 AM on myTV38. [styleBoston]
[Photo: East Coast Grill/Cal Bingham]


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