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Espresso Pizza Reopens in Medford

Photo: Yelp/Stephen J.

After Espresso Pizza owner Anthony Salvato Jr. passed away in September 2010, the Medford restaurant closed down in January, and friends and neighbors constantly asked Salvato's siblings when they'd reopen it. Now, two years later, Salvato's sister Patty Moore has finally reopened the shop, enlisting the help of her large family to work there in various capacities. Moore has made a few updates; there's a new stove, some new ceiling tiles, and wireless internet, and there will be a new television soon as well. The restaurant opens at 4 PM six days a week, closing at midnight Monday through Thursday and 3 AM Friday and Saturday. In fact, when it was previously open, Espresso Pizza became the first Medford business to be permitted to stay open until 3 AM. Moore plans to add lunch as well, possibly as soon as the beginning of February.

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Espresso Pizza

336 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA, 02155