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Roger Berkowitz Only Consumes Kale in Liquid Form

Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz outs himself as a kale hater in this post on the Boston Herald food blog Fork Lift. Unless of course that kale has been liquified. In his own words:

I was minding my own business on the treadmill when a program came on touting the importance of ingesting "superfoods" for good health. When the host mentioned kale, I shuddered. Yes, I know kale is good for you, and it's become rather trendy. But let's face it - kale is a bitter vegetable that looks a lot better than it tastes.

And yet Berkowitz, who calls himself "an absolute sucker for food gadget infomercials," is then convinced that he might like kale by an ad for the NutriBullet, which is sort of an upside-down blender with "bullet" in its name. After three weeks of annihilating the hearty green in his new toy, Berkowitz is converted: "Son of a gun, was I imagining things or was the kale really good, emulsified with other fruits and vegetables?!" A changed man, he has also become inspired - perhaps by the miraculous, liquified "superfood" he's now consuming - to clean his own NutriBullet. When he previously invested in a Juiceman, that was Mrs. Berkowitz' job.

Which begs the question: will kale goo be showing up on the menu at Legal anytime soon?

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