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Should a Death Certificate Grant Later Hours?

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The owner of Golden House, a Chinese restaurant in South Boston, was denied a request to stay open past 2am to help pay for the death of his son, despite an offer to provide proof in the form of a death certificate. UniversalHUB reports that owner Xian Wan "told the Boston Licensing Board today he had no choice last fall but to stay open late into the night: He needed the extra money because his son was dying of cancer." Though the chairwoman presiding over the meeting expressed her sympathy, she said Wan would have to go through the same formal process as everyone else if he wants to serve patrons any later. UniversalHUB says this is the third time Golden House has been found serving food after hours. Most recently, a police sergeant found six customers inside at 2:50am.

So what do you think? Is there ever a time to relax the rules? And if so, is this it? Weigh in via the comments or send your thoughts to the tipline.

· Rules are rules [UniversalHUB via GS]
[Photo: Yelp/Sue H.]

Golden House

303 W Broadway St., Boston, MA, 02127