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The Time Has Come for Villa Mexico to Move On

The beloved little Villa Mexico in Beacon Hill - self-described as "the only authentic Mexican food business inside a gas station in the City of Boston" - will soon be closing and its future remains uncertain. Villa Mexico will be leaving its current residence on January 31 as construction begins on a new property slated for the same spot, though in a note to customers owner Julie King says that she is in the process of applying to relocate nearby at 309 Cambridge Street. She also notes that "City Hall members keep supporting us a lot." King is apologetic that she could not secure a more fluid transition, saying "I still hoped to stay here until I could move into a new home and not have a day off."

Often restaurants move or close without a word of explanation, but King's note is informative, sincere, and very much emotional. She writes:

The hardest part for me will be not seeing your faces every day to be very, very, honest. I have told you in the past that this business has helped me provide for my family and my daughter's education.
We have not become economically rich through it. However, I have become emotionally millionaire thanks to it.
In my little burrito business I have met couples who have ended up marrying
and now bring their babies to eat. I have met several people facing illnesses and while many have thankfully gotten better, others have also passed away. I have met famous chefs, rich Bostonians, college students, middle class families and homeless persons who have not cared if they're eating at a gas station all together. I've heard your success stories, shared your laughs, dried your tears, and gotten hundreds of hugs.

King also notes that she will be trying to market her salsa to "local specialty food stores" and writes "don't forget us because we will be back." Villa Mexico will be throwing itself a going away party in the store in February 1: check Facebook for more details.

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[Photo: Facebook/Via Mexico Cafe]

Villa Mexico

296 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA