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Hi-Fi Pizza Reopens in Dorchester After Tax Raid

Hi-Fi Pizza of Dorchester is once again open following a temporary closure due to a raid by the state. Funny how that happens after not paying $26,559.89 in taxes for seven years. The Dorchester Reporter and both reported that the Fields Corner restaurant planned to open on January 11, and a call to Hi-Fi confirms that the pizzeria is indeed back in action. The owner told the Reporter that he payed "a big sum up-front" and will continue to pay monthly bills to work off his balance. An official with the Department of Revenue told that the quick turnaround is common, saying "Often the business opens within days or weeks." Hi-Fi was forced to close on January 8. Note: this Hi-Fi Pizza is unrelated to the Central Square Hi-Fi Pizza.

· Owner: Hi-Fi Pizza will reopen for business today [DR via BRT]
· Hi-Fi to reopen Friday afternoon, owner says []
[Photo: Facebook/Hi Fi Pizza Pie]

Hi-Fi Pizza

1508 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA