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Looks Like There's Going to Be Another Schlowstaurant

Photo: Michael Schlow/Sophia Tsakmaklis

It looks like chef Michael Schlow - who currently runs Alta Strada, Radius, Tico, Via Matta and Happy's Bar + Kitchen and recently consulted on The Sinclair - will be opening yet another venue. A Craigslist job posting from this morning declares "New Michael Schlow resturant opening," which suggests that this isn't just The Sinclair, which isn't exclusively a Michael Schlow restaurant and has already opened, nor Happy's Bar + Kitchen (the given address for applicants), the newest of Schlow's roster, which is only newish at best. In a recent interview about his roll at The Sinclair, Schlow told Eater that he was pretty busy with his existing venues but "if something comes and it's good I wouldn't say we're done by any stretch." Apparently, something good came along. Stay tuned for details and drop any of your own via the tipline.

Update: The new restaurant is taking the place of Happy's Bar + Kitchen, which is closing.

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