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Were You at One of These Busted New Year's Eve Parties?

Several Boston bars and restaurants were busted for hosting illicit open bar parties on New Year's Eve, says the Herald. Really? Enabling people to drink a lot on New Year's is a crime here in the drunkest city in America? Among the fun-loving, cheer-spreading offenders were The Point on Hanover street, Copperfield's on Brookline Ave in Kenmore, restaurant and bar Audubon Circle, also in Kenmore, and the Brighton Beer Garden, in Brighton. The Herald also notes that many of the events were advertised online, which is probably what tipped off the cops. Note to venues: if you are going to throw an unsanctioned bash on a holiday when the law will be expecting you too, maybe don't put it on Facebook. Alternatively, next December 31 everyone could just play it safe and sit around drink herbal tea and beating themselves with wet blankets.

Were you one of the party goers who, in the words of the Herald, "had their bubbles burst"? If so, tell us all about it in the comments or via the tipline.

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[Photo: Facebook/The Point]

The Point

147 Hanover Street, Boston, MA