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The Inaugural Racked 38; Converse News; More

Welcome back to another edition of On The Racked, the finest in fashion news from our sister site Racked Boston.

Lovejoy Wharf as it currently exists, via @BostonRedevelop/Twitter

NORTH ENDConverse has signed a lease to anchor the Lovejoy Wharf development, moving its global headquarters from Andover to Boston come April 2015. Menino digs it, but a ton of competitors won't—many are reportedly banned from the retail space planned for the complex.

HUB-WIDE—We present to you, the beautiful people of Boston, our inaugural Racked 38 guide to the city's definitive retail experiences. This evolving resource captures the shops you'll find in our glossies, closets, and to-do lists.

ESSEX—In the new Shopping Confidential features, we survey retail gurus around town on their favorite hidden gems. Silvana Costa, founder of online jewelry marketplace Wicked Peacock, shares her number one spot to scout out antiques on the North Shore.

HUB-WIDE—Here's a leftover from our Year in Racked 2012 series, naming some of Boston's best dressed folks including bloggers, industry personalities, and local legends.