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Bars That Feel Like Somewhere Else; Hot Sauce 101

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HUB-WIDE - Here are "6 Boston Bars That Transport You To Other Places" via the travel blog Gadling. Picks include The Hawthorne ("an upscale urban apartment"), Uni (Japan), and Union Oyster House (Boston, but a while ago). So really the title should be "5 Boston Bars That Transport You To Other Places and 1 That Just Transports You To Another Time." [Official Site]

CAMBRIDGE - No more store-bought hot sauce for you! Vegetarian restaurant and food truck chainlet Clover shows you how it's done at the Inman Square location known as Clover HUB. For details and tickets, see here.

THE WEB - In case you haven't seen the ads on the T, there's a new "social media game" called BoodleUP that offers users the chance to win free stuff, including food from Boston restaurants. The company launched here and is now planning to head to Portland, ME next. [Official Site]

[Photo: Yelp/W L.]

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