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Finally, The Truth About YumeWoKatare Ramen

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Photo: Twitter/ConciergeBoston

Yesterday brought news of the imminent September opening of YumeWoKatare ramen on Mass Ave in Porter Square in what was formerly Zing! Pizza. Today brings confirmation of just what YumeWoKatare is and where it comes from. Months ago, Eater received an email from Kyoto native Tsuyoshi Nishioka, who said that his company is called YUMEWOKATARE and that he manages five restaurants in Japan. Today a public notice was posted confirming that Mr. Nishioka is indeed behind the upcoming Cambridge YumeWoKatare, which will seat just 18 and aims to be open from 11:00am to 2:00am every day of the week.

That means this will be a new addition to the late-night ramen scene which already includes the roving pop-up Guchi's Midnight Ramen and Clio sashimi bar Uni. Sapporo Ramen isn't far off in the Porter Exchange, but doesn't stay open as late. These new details about YumeWoKatare put to bed rumors of a new Cambridge ramen shop that started back in May. Rumors that, thankfully, are about to come true. So it's official: a Japanese ramen chain is about to open in Cambridge.

Update: The location of YumeWoKatare has been edited thanks to a comment.

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1923 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA