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Reward Your Eyeballs With the New OTTO Pizza

[Photos: Jamie Rogers]

The opening of the newest OTTO Pizza on Comm Ave near BU last week is significant in several ways. First, it continues to prove that the company, which is based in Portland, ME, is serious about being in Boston. Opening a mostly-takeout location in Harvard? Okay. Opening a full-scale restaurant in Coolidge Corner? Hmm. Opening yet another full-scale restaurant shortly after? Yup, you're officially a major player in the local pizza scene. Also, with this latest opening, OTTO now has more locations in Boston than where it started. And as previously noted with much eyebrow-waggling, the new Otto replaces a former Upper Crust, another local pizza company most likely in decline thanks to labor violations, corrupt business practices and internal strife. So feast your eyes on the new OTTO, but don't worry, it probably won't be the last.

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Otto Pizza

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