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Yes, The New New Balance HQ Will Have Restaurants

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When footwear and dining collide: sneaker giant New Balance says that it will have multiple restaurants as part of the new headquarters the company is building in Brighton. When $500 million dollars' worth of dust settles, the Herald says to expect "a bar and restaurant on the upper floor" of the 175-room hotel that will be part of the complex. But that's not all. "The project includes a new commuter rail stop, 1.4 acres of open space, shops and restaurants," as in more than one. There will also be some athletic stuff, like, oh, a track and field floor with room for 4,000 spectators and a hockey rink and maybe an employees-only outdoor track on the top floor. And for better or for worse, no other local restaurant can claim neighbors like that. For more details, see Curbed.

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[Photo: Curbed]