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Updated Rental Heatmap; 172 Beacon Price-Chop; More!

As compensation for today's weather, here's your regular Friday dose of Curbed Cuts, all the neighborhood news via our sister site Curbed Boston:

2172BeaconStreet.jpgBACK BAY - The 4-BR, 2.5-BA, elevator-accessed penthouse at 172 Beacon Street, which already slashed its price by $249,000 in April, whipped out the scissors again. The latest cut, $150K earlier this week, eaves the 3,240-square-foot spread at an even $3,600,000 about a week shy of 200 days on the market.

SOUTH BOSTON - The neighborhood is set to get its first Starbucks beyond the waterfront. It will fill a retail enclave in the planned 50-unit 11 West Broadway and harbingers gentrification (or, more gentrification, if you please) of Southie, something some locals embrace, while others, well... they don't.

BOSTON - On Sept. 23, 2010, 298 Boston condos, representing every conceivable price range, had been on the market for at least a year without finding a buyer. A year later (9/23/11), 196 of the on-market Boston condos had endured a minimum of 365 consecutive days of marketing and come up sans buyer. Ditto on the price ranges. Yet, this Sept. 23, only 33 on-market Boston condos had been up for sale for over a year having struck out with buyers.
HUB-WIDE - Presenting our updated Rental Heatmap of where all the new Hub apartment buildings are going! Additions include 1085 Boylston Street in the Fenway, where tenants will be able to frolic amidst a green roof, and the 33-story neighbor to the Hancock.