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Something Called K.M. Taqueria & Bar Is Happening

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There appears to be a new restaurant called K.M. Taqueria & Bar coming to Boston. A Craigslist job posting for a venue by that name seeking a "co-line chef" came into the world this morning, saying little more than "Creative taqueria menu and signiture items bieng developed in a new restaurant concept" [sic]. Apparently the menu will be "basic, creative, authentic," though the post adds that "not authentic fine if it can wow guests." As of yet there's no word as to where K.M. Taqueria & Bar might open, when it might open, if that is indeed the venue's name or simply a working title, or just how dazzlingly inauthentic its tacos might be. Got a tip about K.M. Taqueria & Bar? Hit up that tipline.

· Co-line chef/K.M. Taqueria & Bar [Craigslist]
[Photo: Etsy]