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BU Might Just Go Ahead and Start Its Own Food Truck

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A new food truck may be joining the ranks of those that frequent the area around Boston University. And who is behind it? Boston University. An article in the student newspaper The Daily Free Press says that a food truck operated by the university's dining services may start serving "Asian fusion dishes... at several locations throughout campus."

The truck is already in the process of acquiring its necessary licenses and permit. Wait a minute: independently owned food trucks provide students with an alternative to campus food, so would students want to patronize a truck operated by the school? And wouldn't the existing, independent trucks like Paris Creperie, Pennypackers, Chicken & Rice Guys, Cookie Monstah and Momogoose feel threatened? No, says the various food truck owners consulted for the article. As to how a university-run food truck stacks up against an independent, stay tuned.

BU students, food truck operators and customers - how you feelin' about this? Share your thoughts via the comments.

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