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Todd English Sued for $723,000 in Unpaid Olives Rent

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Celebrity chef and Boston restaurateur Todd English is being sued for $723,000 for his recently reopened Charlestown restaurant Olives, says the Globe. If that sounds familiar, it could be because English was sued for $1 million for unpaid rent and damages for his now closed Faneuil Hall restaurant Kingfish Hall back in May. After Olives closed in 2010 due to a grease fire, it took two years to reopen, but the April reopening was relatively conflict free, minus some less than perfect reviews and a bit of brick-throwing. And so the return of Olives seemed like a breath of fresh air for English, no stranger to controversy both personal and professional. Clearly, that isn't so.

The Globe reports that "at least six lawsuits have been filed against him related to claims of unpaid bills and the closing of several restaurants," citing another Kingfish Hall related suit for $34,000 by one of the restaurant's providers. According to this newest lawsuit, the restaurant failed to pay rent from June 2010 to May of this year and has missed payments due in the past two months as well. The Globe reports that English refused to pay when the landlords demanded compensation in July.

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