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Frost Ice Bar Will be Open Year-Round

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Frost Ice Bar, the upcoming Faneuil Hall bar made out ice, is not just going to be a winter thing. The company's website was recently updated with a statement that provides more information about what patrons can expect (in addition to teeth-chattering). According to the site, the bar will be "a year-round multi-sensory experience where guests may enjoy delicious cocktails served in ice glasses, while exploring our out-of-this-world attraction that is carved almost entirely from ice." As hard as it is to imagine a bar made out of ice not becoming a bar made out of puddles in any season but winter, you won't have to imagine it for too much longer: the bar is on track for a spring opening.

Update: Also, Frost Ice Bar will be indoors. [Twitter]

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[Photo: Official Site]

Frost Ice Bar

Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston, MA 02109 617-307-7331