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What Was Once Gemma May Become Cooper's Tavern

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Photo: Yelp/Gemma Ristorante

Last week Gemma in Arlington Center closed, and now the space may become home to a new restaurant called Cooper's Tavern, says the Arlington Patch. News of a possible tavern will surely excite the thirstier residents of this formerly dry town. The Patch posits that the owners of Gemma may be behind the new venue and notes a historical connection: "If approved, Cooper's Tavern will be just steps away from the original Cooper's Tavern," where British troops pillaged the wares after killing two unarmed men in 1775 in retaliation for an ambush by colonists that morning. The site of the original Cooper's Tavern is now a Starbucks.

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Cooper's Tavern?

319 Broadway, Arlington, MA