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City Shuts Down Star Island; Burger Dive's 'Burger Mobile'

In today's Eaterwire, updates on Star Island, Burger Dive, and more.

DORCHESTER - The Chinese restaurant Star Island on Blue Hill Ave was temporarily closed by the city on Wednesday due to health code violations. A lot of health code violations, including "heavy infestations of mice and roaches inside and rats outside of the restaurant" plus "a grease-laden kitchen vent" that "could have set the whole building on fire." [ via GS]

SOMERVILLE - The upcoming insta-neighborhood Assembly Row is getting a Burger Dive among other restaurants, as previously reported, but that's not all. reports that "Burger Dive will also feature a 'Burger Mobile' that in the coming months will rove the Boston and Somerville neighborhoods promoting the coming restaurant and handing out samples of the fare to come." []

BEACON HILL - The Liberty Hotel is off the hook for serving complimentary sparkling wine to registering guests, says UniversalHUB. However the state has yet to decide whether they can keep doing so from now on. [UH]

[Photo: Star Island, Flickr/Planet Takeout]

Star Island

375 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury, MA 02121 617 442 1277

Star Island

375 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester, MA