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Is Chris Coombs' New Restaurant Boston Chops?

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Photo: Future Boston Chops space/Block Ave Blog

Exhibit A: On Saturday Deuxave and and dbar chef/co-owner Chris Coombs mentioned his plans to open a third restaurant via a Craigslist job posting. Exhibit B: Coomb's partner in his two existing venues, Brian Piccini, has long been involved with opening a new restaurant called Boston Chops in the South End space that was formerly Banq and then Ginger Park. Add A and B and you get Chris Coombs being involved with Boston Chops. At least that's what several Eater tipsters have written in to say, that's South End blogger BosGuy's guess too, and then there's this headline from Grub Street: "Chris Coombs' Boston Chops Won't Be Your Typical Steakhouse." Boston Chops experienced delays after not finding an available liquor license, but BosGuy notes that the restaurant - perhaps with Coombs as chef - is hoping to open in November. The website simply says "coming soon."

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Boston Chops

1375 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118 617 227 5011 Visit Website

Boston Chops

1375 Washington Street, Boston, MA