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Nespresso Boutique to Actually Start Serving Espresso

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The Nespresso Boutique on Newbury St., previously just a retail shop for expensive espresso machines, is actually going to serve espresso now. The store is becoming a "Boutique-Bar Flagship," according to a Craigslist posting. No date is given for the upcoming expansion, but the store is interviewing candidates for a variety of positions later this week. While "experience in a luxury work environment" is preferred, "fluencey [sic] in English" is required, although apparently that doesn't apply to spelling. Yelp reviews for a Nespresso Boutique-Bar in New York City indicate that desserts such as chocolate lava cake and assorted pastries are available in addition to espresso drinks.

· Nespresso flagship is hiring! [Craigslist]
[Photo: Yelp/Belle L.]

Nespresso Boutique

7 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 2216 800 562 1465 Visit Website

Nespresso Boutique

7 Newbury Street Boston, MA 2116