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The Purple Shamrock's Last Call...for Now

[Photos: Jamie Rogers]

32-year-old downtown pub The Purple Shamrock held a wake for itself in its final days, bagpipes and all, and closed forever (or maybe not?) at last call on Saturday, September 15th. While the Glynn Hospitality Group, which also runs The Black Rose, Granary Tavern and soon-to-open Sterling's, has mentioned that they're looking into opportunities for a "reincarnation," a 60% rent increase at the Union Street location proved to be too much for the pub in its existing form.

The final few days in business kicked off with a procession bearing a purple-and-black "casket" from nearby sister bar The Black Rose to The Purple Shamrock and a eulogy from Glynn director of operations Paul Wilson. Long-time customers and staff members reflected on the past three decades and signed a remembrance book, while others took to a more virtual remembrance book, leaving notes on the pub's Facebook wall.

"Such a bummer you guys are not going to be around!" wrote one fan. "You were a BOSTON STAPLE for manyyyyyyy years! Missing you and Boston from 3,000 miles away!"

"...disbelief is the essence that drives our curiousity, spirits are the gasoline of our souls," wrote another. "The Purple Shamrock will be office was within eye shot for years and yes I made a point to visit every stool and vantage point within those walls!!"

But on a hopeful note, The Purple Shamrock thanked its Facebook contingent and declared: "Resurrection is much better than burial........We will be back."

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