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The Purple Shamrock Closes Saturday After 32 Years

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Photo: Facebook/The Purple Shamrock

The Purple Shamrock will pour its final pint this Saturday night at last call. The pub has probably gotten more press in the last week than in its previous 32 years due to its decision to not go quietly into the night. Instead, the 'Rock decided to throw its own wake featuring a processional with pipers and a casket, seen above. The venue is open tonight and tomorrow night, but that's it. Or is it?

"We are excited about some possibilities of a reincarnation in the future" said Paul Wilson, the director of operations for The Glynn Hospitality Group, which runs The Purple Shamrock, the newish Granary Tavern and the upcoming Financial District restaurant and bar Sterling's, which is one of Boston's most anticipated fall openings. And what will become of space that has been The Purple Shamrock, which is closing due to a rent hike? Well it probably won't become a Chick-fil-A, which is what the fast food company had hoped would happen before it caught flack from Menino for its views on gay marriage.

How are you feeling about The Purple Shamrock's final hours? Let the world know in the comments.

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The Purple Shamrock

1 Union Street, Boston, MA