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Is Jason Santos Behind a New Theater District Restaurant?

Photo: The former Dominic's, Yelp/Jason R.

212_2007_09_efp.jpgA new, yet unknown restaurant appears to be headed for the Theater District according to a recent Craiglist job posting. The post seeks staff for "The Theater District's newest restaurant" and specifies "Aloha experience." The address provided matches that of the former Dominic's Restaurant & Lounge at 255 Tremont Street, across from the Wang Theater. Apparently the upcoming restaurant is an expansion of an existing one or at least part of a company that already has a local establishment, since the hiring party describes itself as "a rapidly growing Boston-based entertainment/restaurant group with service staff positions available at our newest Boston location." Could Hell's Kitchen star and Blue Inc. chef Jason Santos be involved?

Check out this excerpt from Santos' July interview with Eater:

I'm opening another restaurant, hopefully by the end of September. It's a big restaurant in downtown Boston, across from the Wang Center. As of today, the name is XYZ, but I can't confirm or deny that; I'll know 48 hours from now. 200 seats, two floors, much bigger. Super fun, American, really crazy, but very approachable and simple.

Have some news of your own about this mysterious new restaurant? Drop it via the tipline.

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Maybe XYZ?

255 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116