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Davio's Spawns Movie Theater Sidekick Davio's Cucina

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Photo: Davio's/Triple Seat

The Boston-based restaurant chain Davio's has a new venue opening as part of a movie theater complex in Chestnut Hill and perhaps at many more theaters across the U.S. The Herald reports that Davio's, which has locations in Back Bay, Atlanta and Philly, has partnered with the movie theater chain National Amusements (Showcase Cinemas) to add a Davio's Cucina to the upcoming Showcase Super Lux cinema complex in the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center by spring. Davio's Cucina will be a "stand-alone, 250-seat restaurant" with "a full bar and lower-priced menu" including pasta, pizza and "plates of the day" comprised of dishes such as osso bucco. The restaurant will serve lunch (for the matinee crowd, presumably) and dinner and will be accessible from the street and through the lobby.

If it works, the theater company is considering opening more Davio's Cucinas at other locations of its 900+ theaters in the U.S. and abroad. Says Davio's CEO Steve DiFillippo, who also owns Avila: "I can partner with someone like that, and I can grow this concept to other parts of the world."

Locally, Davio's formerly had locations on Newbury Street, in Brookline and in Cambridge in addition to its current Park Square location on Arlington Street.

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