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DooWee & Rice Opens Right Now

Photo: Official Site

The oh-so-fun sounding DooWee & Rice officially opens in Somerville's Powderhouse Square at noon today and will remain open from now on. Its hour are 12pm to 9pm Monday to Thursday and 12pm to 12am Friday and Saturday, meaning DooWee is a welcome addition to the later-night dining scene in this part of town (got that, Tufts students?). Why does DooWee & Rice sound so fun? For starters, say the name out loud. Go on. Next, there's owner Duy Tran's plans to show movies, solicit feedback on trial dishes, and serve his mother's soup recipes including pho, bun bo hue, and bun rieu.

Tran says he felt like he "ran a marathon" during last weekend's soft opening but will make good on anyone who feels things weren't up to snuff. DooWee & Rice begins with a partial menu and will add items as time goes by. This Saturday, September 15, is the grand opening, from 2pm to 9pm.

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DooWee & Rice

868 Broadway, Somerville, MA