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Frost Ice Bar to Complete Boston Nightlife Scene

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Photo: Absolute Ice Bar Stockholm, Rico Markus/Wikimedia Commons

Faneuil Hall will soon have a bar made out of ice, says Grub Street, which reports that Frost Ice Bar is coming to town this spring. Grub Street cites a press release that says the bar "will be constructed and furnished entirely of ice, featuring a constant indoor temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit." Apparently Boston Duck Tours is involved, perhaps because not too many people feel like taking a ride/cruise when it's cold enough for there to be a bar made out of ice.

According to a legal notice, Frost Ice Bar was trademarked in Boston earlier this month and deals with "Drinking glasses and vessels, decanters and pitchers made of ice... Entertainment services, namely, a ticketed, timed, cold-themed attraction...Bar services and cocktail lounge services." So it sounds like Frost Ice Bar patrons will pay to drink alcohol for an allotted period of time in a freezing room, a practice which in other contexts could be viewed as punishment.

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Frost Ice Bar

Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston, MA 02109 617-307-7331