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Louis DiBiccari Describes 'New Era' of Dining on CNN

Chef Louis DiBiccari of Storyville and the dining series Chef Louie Night is also now a "Special to CNN." DiBiccari penned a column and starred in a video for the network's What's Next blog on Sunday, when he declared that a "new era of cooking and dining" is upon us. DiBiccari, who is also rumored to be working on a Fort Point restaurant called Tavern Road, desribes the ethos behind events like Chef Louie Night, in which he and other chefs have to act fast to throw together a four-course meal based on the whims of his guests. He writes:

We believe in food trucks. We believe in secret underground supper clubs. We believe in serving restaurant food in non-traditional places. We put on a show as we cook... We believe contributing to the culture of our cities. We believe in community, helping each other out, and building each other up. We cook with our souls regardless of where we are cooking because we cook to live and live to cook. Most of all, we are hungry to feed you.

DiBiccari has also served as a special correspondent for Eater, when he wrote about the pizza scene in Cancun.

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