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Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes May Come to Fenway

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Photo: Lockerz/Dan Gross

A new creperie called Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes appears to be bound for Restaurant Row on Peterborough Street in Fenway. That news comes via the above photo, which was posted earlier today and which depicts a rendering of an intimate space with a handful of tables and an exposed brick wall. Also, the phrase "coming soon." For now, that's all that is known about Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes, but if it is indeed coming to Restaurant Row, its neighbors will include Rod Dee Thai Cuisine II, El Pelon Taqueria, Thornton's Fenway Grille and Swish Shabu, many of which rebounded after a 2009 fire. Have some new of your own about Neighborhoods? Hit up the tipline.

· Dan Gross [Lockerz]