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Legal Sea Foods Grants Itself Deity Status

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Photo: Twitter/@RevEverett

How's this for an unlikely first sentence in a Boston Globe article about Legal Sea Foods: "Gay cowboys, dead grandpas -- and even Jesus -- are among the targets of Legal Sea Foods latest advertising campaign." Yes, the Boston-based seafood chain Legal Sea Foods has a new ad campaign that makes use of the so-called "Jesus fish," also know as the Ichthus, a religious, fish-shaped symbol commonly seen as a car emblem. Some versions of the Ichthus feature the word "Jesus" within the shape of a fish, which is where Legal Sea Foods has now put its own name. The Globe reports that the Legal fish can now be seen in print and on cabs around Boston, and despite the fact that it's obviously going to offend people, Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz says "I'm not really trying to offend anybody." Another ad parodies that hot new movie all the kids are talking about these days, Brokeback Mountain.

Here's the Globe's description of that ad:

Then there is the shot of two fishermen together on a secluded beach who get closer to each other as the hours pass until one man turns to the other and asks: 'Have you seen Brokeback Mountain?'

The voiceover at the end of each ad says: 'It takes a long time to catch a fish. Spend some time with us instead.'

Make of that what you will. Previous Legal ads have pushed the envelope without being so potentially offensive, as in the one with the fish saying "Kiss My Bass" and featuring the tagline "really fresh fish."

Thoughts on the Legal fish? Comment away.

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