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NYC v. Boston Food Trucks; More Froyo for Somerville

THE GREENWAY - Vote here for which local food trucks you want to take on New York's mobile vendors in an upcoming event called Food Truck Throwdown. That takes place on Sunday, October 13, from 11am to 9pm on the Greenway. [Official Site]

SOMERVILLE - Yes, Davis Square is getting more froyo. As previously reported, the Oklahoma-based Orange Leaf is coming to town and opening in Davis Square Plaza near Starbuck's. And it plans to do that a total of 17 times in the area. [Patch via GS]

THE INTERNET - Check out this heated Chowhound response to comments made by Dave Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet/Restaurant and Business Alliance on the impact of food trucks on brick and mortar restaurants. The thread is largely presided over by local restaurant critic MC Slim JB, who writes "A food truck is not like a three-card monte game that can pop up anywhere and then vanish the moment they spot the coppers." [CH]