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The Only Cure for Froyo Fever Is More Froyo

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Photo: FroyoWorld (Franklin, MA)/Facebook

In case news of upcoming openings of froyo spots Orange Leaf, 16 Handles, and Forever Yogurt wasn’t enough, not to mention the recent openings of Dante’s Frozen Yogurt Bar, iYo Cafe, Fruitee Yogurt, and Mixx, and totally not forgetting about the well-established Pinkberry and Berryline, Boston can now rejoice in the fact that yet another froyo place will open soon. FroyoWorld, a New Haven-based self-serve froyo “lounge,” is coming to Allston, Grub Street Boston reports via Boston Restaurant Talk.

Massachusetts locations are already open in Franklin and Amherst, with Seekonk and Great Barrington on the way this summer along with Allston. FroyoWorld can also be found in Rhode Island, its home base of Connecticut, and...Puerto Rico. The Allston location will be at 157 Harvard Avenue.

FroyoWorld will offer a rotating array of self-serve flavors; examples on the company’s website include honey lavender tart yogurt, key lime pie sorbet, tiramisu pie non-fat frozen yogurt, and cake batter low-fat frozen yogurt. Toppings include fruits, candies, nuts, and the intriguing mango and strawberry “boba poppers.” And it doesn’t end there; froyo fanatics can also add liquid toppings (“drippings”) such as chocolate and caramel. Knock yourself out! Apparently all of the frozen yogurt contains “live active cultures that stabilizes a healthier lifestyle that enhances your body and beauty.” Is it still healthy if you add a scoop of every available candy topping?

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157 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134