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Shark is the New Butterfish; Naughty Cocktails

KENDALL SQUARE - You might not be able to taste the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef, but Area Four chef-owner Michael Leviton doesn't care; he's going to serve you grass-fed anyway. He tells Chowder "Regardless of what the panel says, I will continue to do what I think is right." [C]

BOSTON - A yet-unnamed Boston restaurant has been cited as the source for "the most egregious soup sample" from a study faciliated by shark attack survivors that tested for traces of endangered shark species in bowls of shark fin soup. Someone in town was caught serving soup made with "the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark." [Reuters]

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - Local cocktail expert and Globe contributor Luke O’Neil speaks with other local cocktail expert and LUPEC founder Kirsten Amann about her new book The Screaming Orgasm, 69 X-Rated Cocktails. "The recipes are divvied up into five stages of the courting process, from Flirting, to Hooking Up, Hot and Heavy, All the Way, One-Night Stand, and the inevitable follow-up, The Walk of Shame." [BG]

[Photo: Area Four, tumblr/PTLDME ]

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