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Return of The Boathouse; The Lives of Brewers

HARVARD SQUARE - In the switcheroos department, Boston Restaurant Talk reports that The Boathouse plans to take over what is now Trata on Mt. Auburn Street. Will The Boathouse recall the venue of the same name that once existed elsewhere in the square? [BRT]

A BAR NEAR YOU - If you haven't seen in yet, check out this exhaustive survey of Boston's various craft brewers and where they are are in their trajectory. Take Rob Burns of Night Shift Brewing, who works a full-time job every day before clocking in at the brewery until the wee hours, slogging through 100 hour work weeks just so you can get tipsy. [DigBoston]

THE BLOGOSPHERE - BostInno weighs in with a list of 21 "Local Must-Read Food Blogs." On the list: Indulge Imbibe Inspire, Gluten Free Hub, BostonZest, and, obviously, eighteen more. [BI]