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Taiwan Cafe Finally Reopens

Photo: Facebook/Taiwan Cafe

Rejoice, all who have patiently awaited the reopening of Chinatown favorite Taiwan Cafe. The restaurant has long been closed for renovations - here's some construction shots - and will be back in business starting at 10:30am today. A post on Chowhound that has bemoaned the temporarily closure since May shares news of the reopening, which Taiwan Cafe confirms, and notes that the space is equipped with new fish tanks and may feature a revamped menu. Facebook fans of the restaurant have been equally on the edge of their seats, leaving comments like ?"Cannot wait," preceded and followed by half a dozen exclamation marks on either side. And that new fish tank is far from decorative. Says Taiwan Cafe via Facebook: "Those guys are on the new menu if you were wondering."

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Taiwan Cafe

34 Oxford Street, , MA 02111 (617) 426-8181 Visit Website

Taiwan Cafe

34 Oxford Street, Boston, MA