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Unclever Vandals Attack Staff Meal Truck

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Photo: Instagram/staffmealboston

Someone has vandalized Staff Meal, perhaps the most beloved of all the city's food trucks, with some not particularly clever graffiti. Grub Street reports that the guilty party altered the lettering on the hood to read "Giraffe Meal" (in a non-permanent way), an act that comes right on the heels of the truck's public tiff with the Phantom Gourmet. Quick recap:

Staff Meal blacklisted the Phantom Gourmet after one of the Andelman brothers (who constitute the PG) ranted against a "typical hot woman, rude, cold-as-ice, never would talk to me in high school-type girl" hostess who refused to seat him prior the opening of Grill 23. Staff Meal owners owners Adam Gendreau and Patrick Gilmartin then appeared on the show to defend food trucks and followed up their appearance with an impassioned blog post, then the Andelmans posted a contest on Facebook highlighting a tweet in which the truck patted itself on the back for firing a troublesome employee. And then the whole giraffe thing happened, perhaps because they stuck out their necks? Could the Andelmans be implicated in the vandalism? And where will the feud go from here? Giraffe meat tacos?

Update: Judging from these tweets, it appears as though Staff Meal buds Mei Mei Street Kitchen were behind the act. [Twitter]

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Staff Meal Food Truck

12 South Street, Boston, MA