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Cop Earns Bar a Citation for Drinking After Hours

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The owner of Daisy Buchanan's recently experienced the bar version of feeling like you should drive faster because there's a cop driving fast behind you. Universal HUB reports that the bar got in trouble for serving drinks after hours because an off-duty cop ordered beer past last call for him and his friends. UH says that owner Joseph Cimino "realizes he should have kicked the trio out... but felt 'a little uncomfortable'" due to his patron's profession. The violation was noticed by two other cops on patrol.

· Off-duty cop and pals help get Newbury Street bar in trouble [UH]

[Photo: Facebook/Daisy Buchanan's]

Daisy Buchanan's

240A Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116 617 247 8516

Daisy Buchanan's

240 Newbury Street, Boston, MA