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Chef Ryan Kelly Has Left Tonic

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Photo:Ryan Kelly/Jamie Rogers

Chef Ryan Kelly tells Eater that he is no longer at Tonic in JP, where Kelly had served his first executive chef position since the restaurant opened back in April. He cites "culinary differences" as the reason for the move and says he was happy with what he was able to accomplish there. Tonic caught the eye of the local food media due to Kelly's resume, which includes Clio and Haru, because of Kelly's innovative menu, and because of the contrast between the somewhat flashy concept and its immediate surroundings. STUFF restaurant critic MC Slim JB described the neighborhood dining scene as "modest American places serving burgers, pizza, and wings and traditional, often gritty Irish-American pubs." Not the most likely setting for tempura-fried pork belly and parsnip chowder. Kelly's move came to light after a commenter shared the news on Eater along with possible insight into what those culinary differences might have looked like.

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3698 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA