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Yet Even More Froyo; Restaurants With Views; Hot Stuff

SOMERVILLE - Are you sitting down? Okay, good. Now brace yourself, because there's going to be some more froyo coming your way. Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Orange Leaf, a froyo purveyor from the froyo hotspot of Oklahoma, has its sights set on an eastward expansion, including stores in Somerville and the surrounding burbs. [BRT]

WATERFRONT - Zagat says that these are the nine best restaurants with a view in Boston. For once, Zagat does not include entries from outside of Boston, probably because there aren't any restaurants in buildings high enough to provide views in, say, Waltham. The list includes the Barking Crab and Anthony's Pier 4, two restaurants rarely associated with the word "best." [Z]

HUB-WIDE - Several food-related entries enliven STUFF's annual Hot 100 list. For instance, under "hot and whole," there's an entry for "fin-to-tail dining" including the whole fish-head soup at Peach Farm and whole roasted trout with pineapple, cilantro, and plantains at Trade. [STUFF]

[Photo: An Orange Leaf/STEVENAHILL]

Peach Farm

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