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Last-Minute Date Starters

[Photo: Henrietta's Table/Official Site]

The summer sun is shining and Boston has an abundance of food and drink just waiting to be tasted. Don't have a date, you say? Join Eater Dating today and check out these sure to impress spots.

How about we...

...get in touch with our inner movie buff (as well as our not-so-inner lush) and sample the new draught beer selection at the Somerville Theater.

...try the pork sandwiches at Henrietta's Table (above) and Cutty's, and decide whose reigns supreme.

...try some Bolivian food at the newly opened Que Padre, in East Boston.

...cure our hangovers with a gourmet doughnut and bloody mary brunch at Craigie on Main.

...get our gazpacho fix before the summer's up, with the red gazpacho from Cafe Pamplona.

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