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Today, Free Soup for You

The Seinfeld food truck comes to town for today only, serving up free Seinfeld-themed treats such as mulligatawny soup, Junior Mints, and muffin tops. The truck will be staffed by the "Soup Nazi" himself, actor Larry Thomas, so be sure to follow the rules. Earlier in the summer, Boston Seinfeld enthusiasts won a social media campaign in order to grab a coveted spot on the food truck's US tour, which also includes cities such as Philadelphia, Albuquerque, and NYC.

During its nine-season run, Seinfeld racked up a lot of food-themed jokes. The truck's menu touches on the later seasons: Snapple from episode 415, "The Visa," Junior Mints from episode 421, "The Junior Mint," black and white cookies from episode 514, "The Dinner Party," mulligatawny soup from episode 706, "The Soup Nazi," muffin tops from episode 821, "The Muffin Tops," and Twix from episode 911, "The Dealership."

The legendary "Soup Nazi" character was based on a real NYC soup vendor, Al Yeganeh, who was not a fan of the episode and banned Jerry Seinfeld from the restaurant (reportedly actually using the phrase "No soup for you!" according to commentary on a Seinfeld DVD).

The truck will be at Winthrop Park in Harvard Square from noon until 2 PM and at Dewey Square on the Greenway from 3 to 4 PM.

· Soup for Boston [FB]
[Photo: Facebook/Seinfeld]