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Last-Minute Date Starters

Photo: Cal Bingham

The summer sun is shining and Boston has an abundance of food and drink just waiting to be tasted. Don't have a date, you say? Join Eater Dating today and check out these sure to impress spots.

How about we...

...try our luck at scoring a burger from Craigie On
, recently voted one of America’s most “elusive” dishes.

...hit up Blue Inc. and order each other a cocktail
from Trish’s Crazy Cocktail Menu.

...go to the new Makin’ Jamaican food truck and then walk,
talk, and eat our coco bread and patties around town.

...act like big kids and go to the Franklin Park Zoo on
August 18th, for their 3rd annual Brew at the Zoo event.

...enjoy some waterfront dining and try the Bostonian shrimp and grits at City Landing (above).

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. Eater Dating [~E~]