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Jeremy Sewall of Island Creek Oyster Bar Teams Up With SHUCKED Author Erin Byers Murray for New Book

Chef Jeremy Sewall of Island Creek Oyster Bar, Eastern Standard and Lineage is teaming up with SHUCKED author Erin Byers Murray for a new cookbook called Four Seasons in New England: Cooking from Land and Sea due out in October of 2014 (Rizzoli). Publisher's Marketplace says the book will turn "the notion of traditional New England cuisine (Yankee Pot Roast, Boston Baked Beans, etc.) on its ear." And how will it do that?

"By exploring the bounty of contemporary New England cuisine and adapting the bright, simple, flavors of the seasonal New England table for home cooks." Murray's previous book covered her stint as an oyster farmer at Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, which of course supplies and owns Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square. Embracing rootsy New England cuisine seems to the next link in the local/seasonal/sustainable progression, as evidenced by recent Boston openings like Nix's Mate and Kitchen and the upcoming Society on High. Local... sustainable... seasonal... New England... New England turned on its ear!

· Publisher's Marketplace [Official Site]
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[Photo: Official Site]

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