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Pizza Pie-er Bound For Former Kiley's Tavern Space

The Providence-based Pizza Pie-er is planning a South Boston expansion to what was formerly Kiley's Tavern, says Boston Restaurant Talk. Locally, there's already one in Inman Square, which opened back in March after another location closed in Boston (that's going to become an Il Mondo Pizzeria). The company is better known for its truly bizarre ads than for its pizza. These have included taste buds contemplating suicide and circus freaks based on pizza flavors, like the part-ham, part-asparagus "Hamaragus." In the words of Adweek: "These may be the first circus-sideshow posters in history that encourage you to eat the genetic freaks. "

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[Photo: Twitter/@KileysTavern]

Pizza Pie-er

138 Old Colony Avenue, South Boston, MA, 02127