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Jacqueline Church on Leigh at Les Zygomates

Welcome to Front & Center, a week-long series highlighting front of the house professionals in Boston area restaurants. Local food writer Jacqueline Church weighs in on Leigh at Les Zygomates.

[Photo: Facebook/Les Zygomates]

My great FOH story would be bartender/manager Leigh (now at Les Zygomates) who's been taking care of me at various establishments since I was single. Back in those days, if a particular cheeseball happened to be oblivious to my lack of interest, Leigh would come out from behind the bar and gently insinuate himself between me and said cheeseball as if he hadn't noticed the guy was there.... "Jackie! How HAVE you been, babe?!" Graciously helping to send the message that we were having none of that. Ten years later, we (my husband and I) are delighted to have him at our local joint and he still cares for his customers with grace and attentiveness. So far he's not had to send said message to the husband...

Have a story about your favorite front of the house staff member? Send it in via the tipline.

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Les Zygomates

129 South Street, Boston, MA 02111 617 542 5108

Les Zygomates

129 South Street, Boston, MA 02111