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More Brazilian Barbecue Coming to Somerville?

Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal

East Somerville appears to be getting a new Brazilian barbecue restaurant, based on the minutes from a July meeting of the Somerville Licensing Commission. The owners of Capital Brasil Multi Services, a money transfer shop on Broadway, notified the board of their intent to change the name to Big Bite Barbecue. The small space appears to focus on takeout, although there are a few tables for dining in. As of this afternoon, Big Bite didn't seem to be open yet; while exterior and interior signage were in place, plastic was covering a table, no hours were posted, and no one was inside.

The menu was just barely visible through the window, seemingly written mostly in Portugese, and signs on the windows mentioned "salgados e lanches" and "vitaminas e sucos naturais" (rough translation: savory snacks and juices). Somerville has a variety of Brazilian barbecues, including a pay-by-the-pound buffet called Rodizio right down the street from Big Bite.

· City of Somerville Licensing Commission minutes 7/16/12 []

Big Bite Barbecue

99 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145