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Que Padre Brings Bacon Dogs and Bolivian to East Boston

Photo: Que Padre/Facebook

A new taqueria opened in East Boston this month, specializing in Northern Mexican and Bolivian food, according to a post on Chowhound. The bright red interior of Que Padre (a Mexican slang expression for "Cool!") features a large map of Sonora, a Mexican state that shares a border with Arizona and New Mexico. In a nod to the region, the Mexican portion of the menu includes Sonoran hot dogs (wrapped in bacon and topped with pinto beans, onion, tomato, mustard, mayo, and jalapeno sauce) alongside the expected burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. Tacos, served in either a flour or corn tortilla, start at $1.75, while burritos start at $3.50. Sopes and flautas are also available.

The Bolivian portion of the menu includes an empanada-like savory pastry called a saltena, a thinly-sliced meat-and-potatoes dish called silpancho, and more. According to the restaurant's Facebook page, Que Padre is the only Bolivian restaurant in Massachusetts.

The restaurant opens at 11 AM seven days a week, closing at 7 PM on Sunday, 10 PM Monday through Thursday, and 1:30 AM Friday and Saturday.

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Que Padre

386 Chelsea St, East Boston, Massachusetts, 02128